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    Now Available: 16-Songs
    All Shows:
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.19.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 8.17.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.27.12
    ChACErs Bar and Grill (Norwich, CT) - 8.18.12
    Stadium (Waltham, MA) - 7.14.12
    The Raven's Nest (Walpole, MA) - 6.23.12
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 6.2.12
    Stadium (Waltham, MA) - 5.12.12
    Stadium (Waltham, MA) - 4.27.12
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 3.30.12
    Stadium (Waltham, MA) - 3.24.12
    The Locals (North Providence, RI) - 2.25.12
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 2.11.12
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 1.21.12
    The Halfway Cafe (Holbrook, MA) - 1.7.12
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 11.12.11
    007 Bar and Grille (North Kingstown, RI) - 10.1.11
    Land Ho Harwich Port (Harwichport, MA) - 8.6.11
    Portland Lobsterfest (Portland State Pier, ME) - 6.25.11
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 6.17.11
    The Mad Raven (Waltham, MA) - 5.20.11
    Irish Times (Worcester, MA) - 3.12.11
    Aaron Ferri - Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Known as "Fluster" among band members, sometimes wears dress shoes without socks ( photo ), his bedroom looks like a used record store. In his CD player: Curtis Mayfield, Flaming Lips, Black Crowes.
  • Q&A with Aaron
  • Mark McInnis - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Relies on Aaron to remember the words to his own songs, wears white socks with dress shoes, has executed a backspin for a crowd of 3000. In his CD player: Beatles, Police, Elmore James.
  • Q&A with Mark
  • Tyler Montgomery - Drums, Harmonica
    Doesn't eat meat, been playing drums since age of 6, his room looks like a crate and barrell exhibit. In his CD player: Buddy Rich, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder. For the cold hard facts on Tyler, you can listen to the "T. Montgomery Overture"
  • Q&A with Tyler
  • The Beginning
    "In the Fall of 1998 a clumsy skateboarding accident led to a chance encounter between Mark Mcinnis, Aaron j. Ferri and Tyler J. Montgomery. Upon their first meeting it was obvious that the three had nothing in common. Tyler was a cocky college kid, Mark a fresh-faced computer Jockey and Aaron a wound-up Sandwich shop manager. To the naked eye they had the makings of nothing more than a bad episode of “Beat the Geeks”. But when the washing machine in the dark Allston basement switched to spin cycle and quieted enough to make out the notes stumbling from Mark's guitar, there were smiles. The trio had given birth to Typhoon Ferri."
    Best and Worst
    Best Onstage Moment:
    March 1999, Allston, MA: Andrew Stern (complete stranger at the time) drops drawers during TF song "Lava Lips" ( photo )
    Worst Onstage Moment:
    August 2000, Moscow, ME: Aaron's Bass amp stops working on stage at the Upstream Festival.
    Best Comment Made by Listener:
    "You guys sound like a mix between Prince and James Taylor"
    Worst Comment Made by Listener:
    "Can you turn it down more?"
    Best Offstage Moment:
    October 2000, Club One 51, Manhattan: Typhoon Ferri meets Tony Bennett after Typhoon Ferri's performance at the Tony LoBianco Lupus fundraiser  ( photo )
    - for more information on the fight against Lupus, please visit Lupus.org
    Worst Offstage Moment:
    May 2000: following a show at The Plough In Stars in Cambridge, MA, Typhoon Ferri's equipment was stolen. Drums, Guitars, and Tyler's CD collection were ripped off. Tyler has since replaced his missing Hanson CD.
    Most Enjoyed Opening For:
    Rap Group "Black Sheep", Spring 2001
    Least Enjoyed Opening For:
    Poetry Readings
    Where does the name come from?
    It's a cross between the names of Tyler "Typhoon" Montgomery and Aaron Ferri.
    Why was the other guy's name left out?
    because Typhoon McFerri sounds like a fast food freeze drink.
    Do you guys have day jobs?
    Do you guys play any "Dave?"
    Go Screw.