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    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.19.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 8.17.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.27.12

    free downloadable music

    Six original acoustic rock songs are available here for free (see below). Please have a listen and load them into your ipod. These free downloadable tunes are some of the best songs from a band that I have been keeping an eye on for the last three years: Typhoon Ferri. When I first started writing for this magazine, I decided that I would focus most of my writing on music that is free, available for download, and non-mainstream. I believe that this selection of songs represents all of these things. My first time hearing their music was at a small rock club in cambridge mass and it was an indelible experience. They are certainly among my top 15 favorite unsigned and/or lesser known music artists. Few other bands websites can claim to have as much free downloadable music as Typhoon Ferri. On March 10, at Boston's Hard Rock Café, Typhoon Ferri will give Boston fans a chance to hear the new songs, which are now linked as free downloadable music on the band's website. While huge industry artists fight against free downloadable music, downloading music for free can help unsigned bands to spread their sound. The pros of downloadable music'>free

    Free Legal Mp3 (original songs by Typhon Ferri)   BUY OUR CD HERE
    Cheap Music Downloads White Water (2.2 mb) right-click to save
    Cheap Music Downloads Movin On Its Own (2.2 mb) right-click to save
    Cheap Music Downloads Cash Back (2.2 mb) right-click to save
    Free Mp3 Montgomery Overture (3.2 mb) right-click to save
    Free Mp3Infamous (4 mb) right-click to save
    Cheap Music DownloadsStand By Sunshine (2.8 mb) right-click to save
    Free Mp3Time To Overcome (3 mb) right-click to save
    Free Mp3Warm Me Up (2.5 mb) right-click to save
    Free Mp3Tongue Bath (6 mb) right-click to save

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    continued... title='downloadable mp3'>downloadable music outweigh the cons when a band just needs some exposure. I hope you are rocking out to tunes that have come from free downloadable music sites music needs to be shared! In my next e-zine issue, I will be covering a few of my favorite topics. One of these is the trend of musicians sharing tracks online and creating collaborative songs via the internet. Recently I noticed an advertisement on a music classifieds site which read something like this: "drummer avaialable for your song." This guy was advertising from LA and the forum was based in New York City. So a guy from lower manhattan who writes a guitar part and a vocal track can use the services of a drummer on the west coast. This is getting more and more popular thanks to the widespread standard of protools, faster web connections, and just a general increase in trust for people we meet online. Think of all the things we do that display this kind of trust for other web users. We buy and sell on ebay, we provide our credit card numbers to online stores, and we share information with people who have shown us only their username. So anyways, it's clearly a brave new world and the online music sharing phenomenon is paying dividends for music consumers and musicians alike.
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