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    Now Available: 16-Songs
    All Shows:
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.19.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 8.17.13
    Land Ho (Orleans, MA) - 10.27.12
    ChACErs Bar and Grill (Norwich, CT) - 8.18.12
    Stadium (Waltham, MA) - 7.14.12
    The Raven's Nest (Walpole, MA) - 6.23.12
    Audio Video
    Upcoming Release (Feb 2008)
    Free Mp3Movin On Its Own(3.8 mb)
    Free Mp3"White Water"(3.8 mb)
    November 2005 Web Release
    Free Mp3"Cash Back"(2.2 mb)
    MP3 From 1999 Release
    Free Mp3"Infamous" (4.9 mb)
    Free Mp3"Crystal Shawmut Shuttle"(4.2 mb)
    From 2005, "Detergency" ORDER
    Free Mp3T. Montgomery Overture(4 mb)
    Free Mp3"Roundabout Way Home" (5.2 mb)
    Free Mp3"Tongue Bath" (5.2 mb)
    Free Mp3Dark Age Disco (clip)(1.2 mb)
    Free Mp3BVI (clip)(1 mb)
    Free Mp3Straight Up(.4 mb)
    Free Mp3Gangsta Rap
    (humor, studio outtake)
    (2 mb)
    Free Mp3 "Live Wire Love"
    ... (live at the Pond 8.24.02)
    (3.9 mb)
    Free Mp3"Tongue Bath"
    .....(live 7.12.01)
    Free Mp3"Legacy of Fear"

    ....(live on WERS)
    Free Mp3"Straight Up" p.Abdul
    ....(live 7.12.01)
    Free Mp3WAV (30 sec) "Lavalips"
    live july01
    MPEG Video
    video credit: A. Stern
    "Infamous" - NOV 03
    "Roundabout" - NOV 03
    "Dark Age Disco" - NOV 03
    .MOV Quicktime
    T. Munson Dinner Feb 04
    7.12 sound & '99 studio engineering and production: James Welsh